Is there info on treating for headstanding?

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Is there info on treating for headstanding?

Postby Walter Soestbergen » Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:19 pm

Not to much is known about headstanding, sometimes in is just a blockage in the gut, usually due to food, more rarely due to a mass of parasitic intestinal worms. Other times it is actually a swim bladder problem. About the only thing I know to tell you is put fish in water that is just deep enough to cover the top of the dorsal fin, about one inch over the top of it. Add 2 tablespoons Epsion Salts to each 10 gallons / 40 liters water wait 4 hours for the fish to pass any blockage out. If the fish does not pass anything out, change out 45% of the water and wait overnight / 20 more hours and regardless whether the fish passes anything out or not, make another 45% water change. At this point it would be more likely that the fish has an infection of the swim bladder and would need antibiotic treatment. In food if eating, in water if not eating. IF it is bladder problem I never had much luck with a cure. Dosage depends on the antibiotic used so no "one dose fits all meds" can be given.

An good article is in our Articles section:
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