I have troubles to keep my plants healthy in a discustank

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I have troubles to keep my plants healthy in a discustank

Postby Walter Soestbergen » Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:27 pm

I can only assume that you keep your water at 82 degree or slightly more, and that will explain why the plants you most likely have are not doing very well. You see most aquarium plants thrive at temp under 78 degrees. However there are plants that do very well in the warmer waters required for discus. Thezcryptocoryne ( crypts ) are well known and used. For a centerpiece plant try a large Amazon Sword ( Echinodorus bleheri. These make a great display, another great selection is the Madagascar Lace plant. However they can be trouble some if not treated right. But worry not you have a lot of plants to make your choice from. Buy a book on bog plants.
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