Selfbuild CO2 diffuser

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Selfbuild CO2 diffuser

Postby Romain Froehling » Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:37 am

For my 1000 Liter tank I needed a Co2 diffuser which is powerful enough and which guaranties a maximum diffusion of the Co2 in my tank.

All diffusers (active or passive) which I found in shops are too small for my tank or / and very expensive.

So, what I did was to make one of my own.

What you need is

+- 30 cm long transparent plexi or if not available PVC tube with a diameter of 5 cm

2 PVC stoppers of the same diameter of 5 cm

A very small Pump 200 -------400 L/h (home a home fountain)
Rigid air tube

The right amount of small bio balls (as from Dupla) or syporax works as well

Maybe this diffuser does not look very nice but as for the dissolution of the co2 in the water it is almost 100 %. Anyway I was integrate the diffuser directly into my inner filter

Important is that you add the possibility to evacuate the gases at the top of the diffuser.

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