What size tank should I buy to keep my discus in?

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What size tank should I buy to keep my discus in?

Postby Walter Soestbergen » Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:47 pm

As large as you can afford and have room for. The bigger the better.

There are also a couple of other factors to keep in mind when deciding on what size tank one needs as a bare minimum for Discus.

Discus are a shoaling fish and need to be kept in groups. The bare minimum that one can get away with is 5-7 fish.

Each Adult Discus needs 10 gallons of water to live in.

With those two factors in mind a bare minimum tank that one needs to house Discus in would be a 50-70 gallon tank. Personally I would say choose the latter (70 gallon).
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