United Kingdom Discus Association Championships 2008

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United Kingdom Discus Association Championships 2008

Postby Dougall Stewart » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:56 am

Good Morning everyone, :welcome:

I hope you are well. :thumbsup:

I have the pleasure :thumbsup: to invite you to the United Kingdom's 4th UK Discus Association Championships to be held at the Festival of Fishkeeping on the Saturday & Sunday, 11-12th October 2008. :bwian:


The UK Discus Association Championships are a non-profit event organised by hobbyists for the discus loving community. :thumbsup:

Each year it has been sponsored by: the Federation of British Aquarists Societies (FBAS), TETRA & RO-MAN - this year is no exception. In addition the show will be covered by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, the largest specialist magazine in the UK. :thumbsup:

The location and accommodation

The show will be held in the UK at Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 0PB and the closest towns, cities include: Portsmouth, Chichester, Havant; the closet airports are: Southampton, Heathrow or Gatwick.

Accommodation for the show is provided and managed by the Federation of British Aquarist Societies and the price and details can be found

Those that pay for accommodation via the link above get free tank entry and free entry into the show. :thumbsup:

Entrants & Stands
Hobbyist, Professional, and Club entries are welcome and provisional enquiry may be made

Trade stands are available for professionals and display areas are available for fish clubs - please contact me directly if you are interested.

Initial Classes

Pre-entry classes include:

1 - Solid Red, Brown, Yellow
for example: including Brown, Yellow - includes Marlborough, Melon & San Merah, Golden, Red Rose etc.

2 – Solid Blue, Green
for example: including Blue Diamond, Cobalt, Ocean Green, Angel Blue, Super Angel Diamond, Violet Reflection etc.

3 - Spotted
for example: includes any colour with a spot, Leopards, Red Spotted Greens, Red Spotted Snakeskins etc.

4 – Stripe, Striated
for example: includes SnakeSkin any colour and no spots, pigeon blood all varieties, Turquoise – includes, Blue, Red & Chequered etc.

5 – Wild
for example: includes Wild Brown, Blue, Heckels etc.

6 - Open: includes any colour variety not listed in classes 2 to 5

Final classes will be dependent on the number and type of fish to be entered and advice will be given by the leader the Chair of the judging committee.

If you are interested in any of the above or would be interested in supporting the UKDA as a judge, guest speaker, sponsor or in any other way please contact me.

Kind regards and good wishes

Dougall Stewart

All the best
Dougall Stewart
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