Handbook of Fish Diseases

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Handbook of Fish Diseases

Postby Walter Soestbergen » Sat Jul 08, 2006 4:39 pm

Review by: Jim E. Quarles
Title: Handbook of Fish Diseases.
Author Dieter Untergasser.
Publisher. T.F.H. # ts-123
ISBN: 0866227032


This books is 160 pages packed full of must know information for anyone who has the desire to be informed about this important subject.
Dieter Untergasser has written other books about fish disease, I note the one entitled Discus Health. But this book proves to be much more informative with far greater detail than Discus Health. (which I personally feel falls far short of it's title).
The table of Contents is very detailed and explains what the reader can expect from each well developed chapter.

The book has a listing of flow charts that can guide you right to the exact cause of a tropical fish disease problem. In fact these flow charts is what makes this such a great addition to any hobbyist's book collection.
As each topic is covered, a wide array of actual photographs show what the disease or parasite looks like. This book offers a wealth of photographic information that will help anyone develop skills using a compound microscope.

The book also gives details about how to use your 35 mm camera when fastened to the microscope. This allows you to take clear color or B& W photos to be studied later for identification.
I think this is a must have addition to any fish hobbyist collection. It is clear, it is detailed and easy to read.
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