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Postby Fred Goodall » Thu Jan 11, 2007 6:30 am

Hi Kyaw,

The method is very simple...and I think is in my book....anyway...
...let me give a more holistic method....or a revised version..

1) Having selected the pair, put them into the breeding tank. At this point, you may not have any idea when they will spawn...some in a few days while others may take as long as 2 months.

2) Do 3 x 24 hour prophylactic treatment with Potassium permanganate @ a dosage of 2mg/ litre of water. The 3 treatments to be performed over 7 days span.....Day 1, Day 4, and Day 7....completing on Day 8 with WC.

3) During the 8 days treatment, continue to feed your discus but the feed should be incorporated with metronidazole @ 1.0gm /100gm of feed or if you prefer 1.5gm / 100gm of feed.

4) After Water-change after the third PP treatment, continue with feed with metronidazole for another 5 days and treat also in water metronidazole @ 1.5 gm to 100 litre of water. Make water change if necessary but ensure to dose back to strength after the WC. Dissolve metronidazole in lurkwarm water before pouring into tank.

5) If your discus or hatchery has a tendency to produce split fins, deformed or Kyphoscoliosis offspring and frequent darkening of the body, a full course of 12 days antibiotic treatment in water and in feed is needed and should start after the metronidazole treatment is over. A broad-spectrum antibiotic should work.....erythromycin..

During the whole treatment from Day one till the end of antibiotic treatment, it is best to keep the pH of the water @ pH6....or below....example pH5.5 if possible.

After the above treatment system, your brooders are ready to produce near perfect and healthy discus.

Take care,
Andrew :angel:
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