Penang Discus (revisited edition)

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Penang Discus (revisited edition)

Postby Walter Soestbergen » Sat Jul 08, 2006 4:52 pm

Review by: W.A. Soestbergen
Title: Penang Discus (revisited edition)
Author: Shaifullah Yeng
208 pages, 440 color photos
Year: 2001
ISBN: 983-40431-0-4


Penang Discus by Shaifullah Yeng, owner of Nura Discus, Penang Printed in May 2001.

The first time I saw this book it was a dual version German/English and introduced at the 3rd International Discus Championship in Duisburg Germany (2000). The first volumes I saw were hard covered and looked very good not only from the outside but also from the inside.

I don't own this multi language version but the newer, completely English one which was revised in 2001 as described above.

If you think you can get a better book than this one please don't read further, buy and read that other book. Why I am so sure about this book? This 19 chapter book is so good, up to date and easy to read that everybody needs a copy. This book gives information about Purchasing your Discus, Quarantaine, Discus colors and patterns, Sexing Discus, breeding discus, genetics, discus foods etc. etc.

All chapters are well written and have clear photographs to support the comments of the author.

The last 9 chapters are about different strains and they are not only having color pictures but also explain in detail all about these strains and what to look for in good discus and what to take note of in bad discus.

This is a book every breeder and every hobbyist needs on the shelf. I am glad I got a copy of this great book

Walter Soestbergen
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